Sr. Kathleen Cannon, OP, Honored by the University of Notre Dame

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Congratulations to Dominican Sister of Peace Kathleen Cannon, OP, Associate Dean of the College of Science at the University of Notre Dame, who is one of three faculty mentors at the university to receive the Dockweiler Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising. The awards, which were announced at the May 19 commencement ceremonies, are presented by the Office of the Provost to faculty members who enhance the intellectual development and scholarly engagement of undergraduates outside the classroom, serve as a mentor or role model for students, and help students achieve their academic and professional goals. Recipients are selected through a process that includes peer and student nominations. The awards are supported by the Julia Stearns Dockweiler Charitable Foundation.



Sr. Kathleen, congratulations!  As a former university academic advisor myself, I am delighted that you were recognized by the University of Notre Dame.  Your additional time and mentoring of students lasts a lifetime in their memories as a faculty/staff who cared and took notice of them as young adults.  Conni

By Conni D.

Congratulation Kathleen!! Margie

By Marjorie D.

Yea! Sr. Kathleen, congratulations.  We are proud of you and all you have done and continue to do!

By Amy M.

Kathleen, congratulations! You are an inspiration. Connie S.

By Connie S.

Congratulations! We know you deserve it!

By Thomasine H.


By Margaret Mary K.

It is very good to know form you that Kathleen Cannon who has been honored by the university for her excellence in her thesis . Sincere congratulations to her from may part for her

By annie

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