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Dominican Associates are companions to the Dominican Sisters of Peace in their prayer life, study and ministries.

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The work of our Sisters and Associates is expressed in a great number of ministries that are as diverse as our members themselves.

Care of Creation

Caring for God's Creation

Environmental issues and justice issues are intertwined elements of how we are called to relate to God’s creation.

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Silence Says it All
Grandma Mary stayed with her five-year-old grandson Billy one night when his parents were out for the evening. When he was ready for bed, Grandma...
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Preaching Peace – A Road Trip
As you may have seen on the news, Louisville hosted the annual National Rifle Association Convention this week. In response, several organizations came together to...
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Through All the World One Family
One of the responsibilities of the Associates Council and Co-Directors is to stay in touch with the various geographic groups of Associates throughout the country...
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