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Dominican Associates are companions to the Dominican Sisters of Peace in their prayer life, study and ministries.

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The work of our Sisters and Associates is expressed in a great number of ministries that are as diverse as our members themselves.

Care of Creation

Caring for God's Creation

Environmental issues and justice issues are intertwined elements of how we are called to relate to God’s creation.

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“Come and You Will See”
Have you ever experienced “nagging” thoughts about the idea of religious life which continue to surface at odd moments in your life, even after you...
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What Proof Do You Need?
I just read a Facebook post from a former student who shared the story of a cab driver in NYC whose name was Mohammed. Mohammed...
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Laboring for Justice
Earlier in July I had the opportunity to travel to California and enjoy the diverse beauty of that state.  As we traveled to Yosemite National...
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