"Surely, God Isn't Calling Me to be a Sister?!"

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Is your relationship with God so life-giving that you want to share that Good News with others? Have the feelings of giving more or doing more with your life been tugging at your heart, off and on for a while? Does the idea of religious life and becoming a Sister excite you, but somehow at the same time, seem a little scary? These are just a few of the questions used in the discernment book, "Vocations Anonymous" by Sr. Kathleen Bryant, RSC, written for women thinking about religious life. If you have thought about any of these questions or feel attracted to a life of prayer, service, and love - then the "Come and See" Retreat scheduled for February 15 - 17, 2013 in Columbus, OH, is for you! Why not come and be with other young women who are discerning if God might be inviting them to consider a religious vocation.

The weekend offers a contemplative opportunity to spend time with God, to ask questions, and learn more about the experience of being a Sister, especially living life as a Dominican Sister of Peace. Our facilitator, Sr. Rosemary Rule, OP, will share on the theme of ministry and service, inspired by the words coming from Matthew's gospel, "When did I see you hungry?" The date is less than two weeks away, so don't miss this wonderful opportunity that could help you to answer the important question of what to do with the rest of your life.

Young women today have all kinds of opportunities to make a difference in the world. It's an important and sometimes confusing task to clarify or discover just where and how we are being called to share our gifts and talents. However, paying attention to where we find joy and passion often provides clues to our calling in life. Most people are called to a life that includes marriage and family, or perhaps being single. However, God also continues to call people in every age to vowed religious life.

Do you think you are being called to consider becoming a Sister? Spend some time with us February 15 -17 to check it out! Space is limited, so call today (614.216.7688) to register or for more details. Click here for a registration form.



I remember when I was discerning my vocation I often wondered if anyone else out there was praying about a similar decision. When I attended a Discernment Prayer Group I realized I was not alone and that others were being called by God to Religious Life. I went on to attend several "Discernment Weekends" with various congregations before I was able to confirm that the Dominican Sisters were the best fit for me. It has been and continues to be an adventure! I'll be praying for all of the women attending the weekend on February 15 - 17.

By June F.

Preach Peace... Build Peace... Be Peace.