Vocation Stories

Each vocation story is different - the journey through discernment is not the same for one as it is for another. The videos below introduce women in various stages of discernment with the Dominican Sisters of Peace. We are grateful for their openness to sharing their stories and recognize that their journeys will continue to evolve as God leads them.

Collaborative Dominican Novitiate Blog

Follow Dominican Sister of Peace Bea Tiboldi as she blogs about her journey through the novitiate.

Video Stories of Women Fully Professed

Sr. Terry Wasinger

Sr. Rosemary Loomis

Video Stories of Women in Discernment

Sr. Mary Vuong, OP
as Novice (Perptually Professed in 2012)

Sr. Patricia Dual, OP
as Novice (Perpetually Professed December 10, 2011)

Beata Tiboldi
as Candidate (Novice in 2012-23)

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