The Dominican Sisters of Peace convened their Second General Chapter at the Marriott Hotel in St. Louis, April 6-12, 2015. The congregation elected new leaders for the term 2015-2021. Sr. Pat Twohill, OP, was elected Prioress, along with Srs. Therese Leckert, OP, Gemma Doll, OP, Gene Poore, OP, and Anne Lythgoe, OP,  Councilors. Srs. Therese, Gemma and Gene were elected to a second term. Srs. Margaret Ormond, OP, Prioress, and Councilor Joan Scanlon, OP, will complete their terms August 8. Read more...

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Dominican Sisters of Peace

Seeing with the Eyes of God

Monday, September 29, 2014

Photo Credit: Proof of Life © copyright Dave Ruddock 2014

"I was once approached by a man and asked if I would take his picture, so that someone would have proof that he had lived."
"A Record of My Being – Images and Imaginings" by Dave Ruddock (2014 MyPublisher)

Recently I was given a book entitled "A Record of My Being-Images and Imaginings" by Dave Ruddock. This book was a gift in several ways. Now, the Oxford definition of "gift" gives several meanings: 1)an act of giving someone a present; 2)a natural ability or talent; and 3) an 'unmissable' opportunity. With Dave’s book, I was gifted with a collection of photographs with reflections; the opportunity to view his photographic talent and imaginings; and inherent in this gift, I received an 'unmissable' opportunity to accept a challenge.

Called by God...Ignited by Compassion...Hearts on Fire for the Mission

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Called by God...ignited by compassion...hearts on fire for the mission

Why would someone become a sister nowadays? This was one of the questions I frequently heard when I started to discern religious life.

But really, why are we who we are, and why do we do what we do?

About three weeks ago, younger Dominicans came together in San Antonio for the "Dominican Women Afire" gathering. We explored ways of moving into the future together while we surfaced the needs of our times.

There is no Planet B

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Our first impression of the People's Climate March was that there were a lot of people. The organizers reported that over 400,000 people marched to show the leaders coming to New York City for the Climate Summit that saving our planet was important. NPR called those of us who marched ‘activists’ and there was an amazing diversity of people and causes…long hair, short hair, curly and straight hair, blond, brown, blue and green hair. And that was just the men! Small children rode on their parents’ shoulders; seniors were pushed in wheelchairs; students and teachers; doctors and nurses walked in solidarity, and only in New York, dogs watched from baby strollers. I walked next to a man in a suit and a young woman covered in tattoos. Religious sisters, Buddhists, Muslims, and Jews came together for this common cause. Along the route, we saw a group sitting in meditation as we passed by.

Connecticut Associates Imagine Sitting Beside God and Listening for God's Word of Peace

Monday, September 22, 2014

"Each day I take time to sit in the silence of the present moment in the presence of God. I breathe in the spirit of peace. I imagine sitting beside God and I listen for God’s word of peace."

The Connecticut Dominican Associates of Peace gathered at the Caritas Center in Hamden, CT, to take time 'to sit in the silence of the present moment' for their annual day of reflection. The theme of the day was "Becoming Peace/Continuing to Become Peace" and the group of 14 Associates with the Associates Co-Directors joined in prayer, reflection, song and sharing throughout the day.

If Today You Hear God’s Voice, Harden Not Your Heart!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Some of you are probably too young to remember the TV ad of a bygone era that proclaimed, "When E. F. Hutton speaks, everybody listens!" Well, God's got it all over E.F. Hutton, and it’s inspiring to see the response young women make when they detect within themselves the rumblings of a possible "call" from God to consecrated life. They listen - and are moved to take action. For some, this newly dawning "awareness of call" can be scary, confusing and even anxiety producing. For most, it is recognized as something very important—not to be suppressed or ignored. Whenever possible, it's always good to find others who are feeling similarly so you can reflect together on what you are experiencing, and share to what God may be inviting you.

Time to Man Up

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

By now most television watchers have seen the video of Baltimore Ravens player, Ray Rice, hit his girlfriend in an elevator and drag her face down, like a sack of flour, out of the elevator. What was as shocking as this event was the response before the full video appeared. The Ravens owner, general manager, and coach defended Rice. Ravens fans gave Rice a standing ovation when he took the field in a preseason game. Law enforcement officials in New Jersey permitted Rice to begin counseling, and this will result in all charges being erased from his record. Michael Vick received a 19 month prison sentence for engaging in dog fights. Is the message, dogs are more important than women?

A ‘Band of Mothers’ Join the Memphis Associates

Monday, September 15, 2014

I just spent the weekend immersed in Dominican life in Memphis Tennessee. My first activity was to meet several current Memphis Associates – Lynn Lofton, Nancy Ganz, JoAnn Lynn, Amy Moody, Julia Schuster, Gretchen Kirk, Tine Williams, Libba Nance and JoAnne O'Brien-Scott. We gathered in small groups for informal conversations on why they initially committed, have remained Dominican Associates of Peace and what being an Associate means to them.

Learning to Light the Fire

Thursday, September 11, 2014

When I was in Girl Scouts, I learned how make a fire. I collected the tinder, kindling, and large pieces of wood and then constructed and lit the tinder which then lit the kindling and the larger pieces of wood. The fire would leap from the small elements to the larger and the fire would then burn strong and hot.

The Holy Spirit sometimes works in the same way in our own lives. I know that the still small voice inside of me that first began to beckon me to discern my Call – began as a little spark. That spark was tended and fanned into flame by the sisters I met as I discerned my vocation. Perhaps there was a particular sister who did that for you? Perhaps you are a discerner who has a Sister doing that for you now?

Once We Were Slaves and Now We Are Free

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Brueggemann, in Chapter 3, decides of all the implied meanings in shalom to focus first on freedom: Jesus Christ frees. God intends freedom. It is clear to us all that our biblical story—our biblical faith—begins in the story of the exodus. Taken historically, that story is about how a band of Israelites were freed one wondrous night long ago. Taken theologically, it is the announcement of how God’s purpose for freedom intruded radically into history and redesigned the direction of history. Now history becomes the story of how God’s purpose for freedom made its powerful way in the affairs of persons and nations. Exodus has given us a model to understand that the key problem in human experience is the problem of oppression, embodied here in the Pharaoh.

9/11: Creating the Seeds of Compassion

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

When reflecting on 9/11, I remember a time of great pain and great love, a time of faith and testing, of endings and beginnings. The sky was the bluest I can remember, in contrast to the grayness of the events to come.

Soon after the second plane hit the second twin tower I joined members of the Kentucky Council of Churches for a scheduled meeting. The previously planned agenda was ignored. We shared tears, prayers, silence and fears. What happened at that meeting carried on in the days to come—compassion and gentleness with those around us. Wherever I went I heard people on cell phones saying ‘I love you’ to parents, spouses and friends. There was a sense of urgency to reach out and make certain that people knew we cared.


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