Carol O’Connor, OPAFrom the very beginning, St. Dominic felt that his preachers needed to be grounded intellectually and theologically before setting off to share the Good News. Preaching had to focus on God’s mercy and love and needed to come from persons whose lives were firmly planted in the Word they proclaimed. In an unusual move at that time, Dominic sent his friars to the universities of the day to give them a solid foundation in logic and in theology. Dominic knew that this would not only ensure accurate teaching in the face of heretical challenges, but that a thorough knowledge of the Gospel also would stir a passion for justice.

In addition, he was keenly aware of the need for his preachers to be actively involved with the common people. He believed that their association with others at the university would help them focus their preaching on the needs of the people. Study as an important component of the preaching mission remains a fundamental value for Dominicans today.

Study is one of many values Dominicans hold dear:

Preach Peace... Build Peace... Be Peace.