Social Justice

Justice is a call for right relationships - among humans, between humans and God, and between humans and our God-given world. Social justice involves right relationships among humans and within our human-created institutions.

Today Dominicans stand on the shoulders of St. Dominic, whose actions on behalf of the poor and marginalized serve as a model for preaching justice. The Dominican Order operates the International Dominican Commission for Justice and Peace and has an NGO (non-governmental organization) presence at the United Nations Commission on Human Rights in Geneva. Through the Dominican Leadership Conference in the United States, Dominicans also have a presence at the UN in New York. Additionally, the Dominican Sisters of Peace join others in the Dominican Family in framing and implementing the Dominican Call to Justice, an annually-revised document that describes the most significant issues of justice and peace for North American Dominicans. The work of justice continues to focus our actions every day....

Preach Peace... Build Peace... Be Peace.