Are We There Yet?

Meghan Caprez, senior from Our Lady of the Elms High School

[Meghan Caprez attended the Dominican High School Preaching Institute where she discovered that she had a gift for preaching. Meghan has preached frequently at the Word and Communion services at OLE High School. She preached this homily at the Catherine of Siena Awards for years of service by faculty and staff at OLE school and staff at the Elms Motherhouse.]

Philippians 4: 4 – 9

          “Are we there yet?” I remember asking my parents just that countless times on car rides, but I’ve been hearing it a lot more recently. My senior class has asked “Are we there yet?” about upcoming AP exams, prom, and, of course, graduation. We think we’re so ready to open up a new chapter of our lives, to have reached the final stop on our journey through high school at the Elms. But as the saying goes, it’s not the destination but the journey that truly matters.

         The journey doesn’t end when we walk out of the back of St. Bernard’s on June third. The journey doesn’t end when we get out first job, or our second, or our third. The journey doesn’t end when we’ve worked at the same facility for any number of years. The journey only ends when we have found our place of rest in God.

          Human life, here on Earth, is an expedition that all people must take. It’s not straightforward; there might not be one right way to get from point A to point B. There is confusion and hurt and there are challenges that we endure along the way. We may get anxious about things, but we know that we will be taken care of. Somebody is leading us to our destination.

          God is the road map, or GPS for those of you who, like me, are perhaps a little map challenged. He gives us comfort and a little nudge every now and again to keep us on the right path, always leading us back to him.

Instead of being anxious, we can pray to Him. As Mrs. Bellinger used to tell us every day in class, we have to throw all of our worries up to God. He is someone that we can talk to and be thankful for. But, just as if we were following directions from a GPS, we need to really listen to what is being said to us. God is giving us our own mission.

          As St. Paul says in his letter to the Philippians, we have no reason to be fearful. We should rejoice! God is taking care of us. But our job isn’t just to sit back and let God do all of the work. He has given us so much by creating us and giving His only son to die on a cross so that we would all be forgiven. We have to give something back. It’s not a big something - God never gives us more than we can handle – but it’s something that is of great importance. Guess what? You’re doing it already.

          God wants us to be the road signs for other people. He wants us to be true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, gracious, excellent, and praiseworthy so that others can see the love of God working within us. We can inspire people to seek the right path, and we can do it in many forms. Whether you are a teacher, administrator, board member, nurse, cook, or sister, you can point people in the direction of Christ’s love and mercy so that when they ask “Are we there yet?” you can make sure that they are on their way.

          I want to leave you today with some things to reflect on, some things that we all need to remind ourselves of once in a while.

Today I will fill my mind with positive thoughts.  Thoughts that God has about me; to prosper me, to keep me in good health, to bless my family, to reveal Himself to me.

I am a part of God’s great plan.  Without me the harmony is incomplete.  Praise God that He will use me today as a part of His master symphony.  My life will be a testimony of His favor and as all things are with God, it will be good.

Preach Peace... Build Peace... Be Peace.