Dominican Sisters of Peace Leadership TeamLeadership in a religious community is much more than exercise of authority, more than the sum of leaders' skills and competencies. Effective leaders are acutely aware of the cultural and spiritual environments of members and have knowledge of global realities that impact the ministries and lives of the members of the community. Leaders of religious communities today are not "lone wolves" - they must be team people, willing and eager to see and utilize the gifts of the other members of the leadership team as well as those of the members. In the Dominican Sisters of Peace, the Leadership Team is composed of a Prioress and four Councilors who are elected for a term of six years. The Prioress, who is "first among equals," is assisted by her Councilors who are advisers and true counterparts in the leadership decisions made for the present and future life and mission of the community.

The first Leadership Team of the Dominican Sisters of Peace was elected during the post-Easter General Chapter in April 2009. They are (pictured above, left to right): Srs. Therese Leckert, Joan Scanlon, Margaret Ormond (Prioress), Gemma Doll, and Gene Poore.

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