Threaded Elements

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Three elements are so threaded together to form the fabric of Dominican life that to put out one thread is to unravel the whole: preaching, the Gospel, and the signs of the times. Preaching is perhaps the dominant thread, but it is the preaching of the Gospel as it is needed for a particular people in a particular culture; since the preaching is always in response to the very real needs of others. These three strands are woven on the frame of prayer, study, and communal living of the vows (for Associates, it is the communal living of specific commitments). Each of these six elements is vital to our Dominican charism; the fabric cannot be woven without the frame. Our call to preach cannot be envisioned without the other elements. The Gospel, which Dominicans preach as personal word of God and written word of God, is so incomprehensively rich and deep that it can only be entered into through consistent prayer, on-going study, and continuous communal sharing and living - all these in dialogue with one another. Furthermore, this Gospel is preached to a particular people living at a particular time in a particular culture. Inherent in the charism, then, is consistent attention to the needs of the Church as made known by the voices of the time.

Preach Peace... Build Peace... Be Peace.