The Joy of Newness

Monday, February 11, 2013

"There is the 'joy of newness' that we're beginning again, there is always a new beginning."
~ Timothy Radcliffe, OP

Co-director of the Office of Associates Conni Dubick, OPA, quoted Timothy Radcliffe, OP, in a recent presentation to Associates Candidates, their Companions in Discernment, and the Mentor Teams in Akron, Ohio. This quote has stayed with me since then, so I decided to make it my Lenten theme. Yes, Lent is starting up already on Wednesday of this week! It seems like every year New Year's Resolutions are made only to get to mid-February and note that we may not even remember what they were. But then Lent presents itself as another new beginning, and there is the "joy of newness" as we can look once again at what it was we had hoped to do, and what has kept us from doing it - good fodder for Lenten practice. This new beginning I will focus on some good that I really want and choose to do, while fasting from that which I know is keeping me from carrying it through. The German word for "Lent" translates "spring" - the time of awakening, when flowers rise green and bud forth in lively colors proclaiming resurrection. May this Lent be a new beginning with the "joy of newness" for each of us, celebrating our resurrection this Ash Wednesday and throughout our Lenten season.


  1. Associates who want to participate in the Associates Annual Retreat in Oxford, Michigan, April 19-21, but have not registered yet can either download and send in the registration form on the Retreat Brochure, or go to the St. Mary's Retreat Website to register online (password needed; see email sent 1.30.13). This is a great opportunity to meet other Associates from across the USA in a beautiful and holy setting.

  2. Please remember to hold the de' Ricci Associates in prayer as they continue as Discerning Associates studying and praying together during the next few months before choosing to make a two year commitment as Associates of the Dominican Sisters of Peace.

  3. If you are interested in learning more about becoming an Associate, we invite you to learn more (also see more options under Join Us).

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