A Budget With a Conscience

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A budget is a moral document. "The rubber will soon hit the road" when congress debates the budget now that the debt ceiling debate is postponed. They are prepared to look at Medicare, Medicaid, social security, food stamps, Pell grants, and many other social programs. Will they use a scalpel or an ax?

In a recent communication, Network has stated that congress should prioritize the vulnerable before supporting irresponsible Pentagon spending. The federal government spends billions of dollars on military aid to countries around the world, with Israel receiving $4 billion last year while violating UN resolution after resolution. Congress has supported spending on weapons that the Pentagon does not even want.

In the meantime, low-income families struggle to maintain a place to live, put food on the table, and educate children.

In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus gives his inaugural address: "…the Spirit has sent me to proclaim liberty to captives, recovery of sight to the blind." We continue the mission of Jesus by addressing the spiritual blindness that embraces power and privilege, holding the poor and marginalized captive. We can help to "set captives free" by being their loudspeakers. The poor do not have a lobby. Children do not have a lobby. We can proclaim the prophetic words of Jesus and the words of the prophet Isaiah.

The federal government continues to support $7.25 as a "livable" minimum wage. For the present, health care remains unaffordable for millions. Millions pay off student loans over decades. Corporations continue to thrive with large tax breaks, read "corporate welfare."

The time is now to tell congress, "Jobs, not cuts!"



This is a wonderful article, Judy! Thank you so much for reminding us that a budget is a moral document qnd that we need to be aout ensuring liberty to captives. Pat Twohill

By Patricia T.

Thanks Pat.  I hope all who vote on the budget will see as a moral document.

By Judy M.

So well stated, Judy. Thank you for writing so clearly about the disparity in our national priorities when it comes to voting on the budget.

By Jeannine H.


Thank you very much for your comment.  I hope our budget will become a moral document.

By Judy M.

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