Come & See RetreatDominican Sisters of Peace offer a number of opportunities for discerners to meet our Sisters and to get a taste of our life of prayer, community, study, and ministry. Young women who are considering religious life tell us they have found "Come and See" events to be most helpful. Perhaps participating in one of these events listed below is just what you need as you search to know how God is calling you to holiness.

Gathering with other young women who are on a similar journey of vocational discovery can offer you a great deal of support. You may realize that you are "not so crazy after all" when you see that other faith-filled individuals also feel drawn by God to the vowed life.

We invite you to read some testimonials from event participants and then to consider "taking the plunge" yourself by participating in a similar event.

"Come and See" RetreatsCome & See Retreat

The disciples asked Jesus, "Where do you live?" He said, "Come and See." Women interested in consecrated life ask us, "What is life like as a Dominican Sister of Peace?" Following Jesus' example we say, "Why not join us for a 'Come and See' retreat! Take time for prayer and reflection with other discerners, meet some of the Sisters and get some of your vocation questions answered." "Come and See" retreats are offered at different times throughout the year and usually in early September (Labor Day Weekend) and in February (President's Day Weekend).

President's Day Weekend 2013 - "When did I See you Hungry?"

  • "I believe that this weekend was helpful because I was able to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take the time in the Motherhouse with the Sisters. I believe just simply being in the atmosphere of religious life and eating meals together and getting to peek into their lives is so helpful." - Lilvia
  • "The weekend from day one was very 'intense' in a good way. Friday start up with 'The Way of The Cross' particularly the reflections and each time the words 'forgive me' were mentioned, it makes you think on the many graces that we take for granted. The end presentation of Sr. Wonderful Rosemary about the obituary and all her deep serious talks about the real life with the Dominicans and the secular world out there just gives you hope to look at self and others on a more positive, thoughtful. I don't know maybe a 'kind eye.' The groupie/friends just very loving, open-minded, open hearted people. With this kind of retreat and this kind of people 'I am growing,' with God's grace, 'I am growing!' May God help us to see, really see the hunger in us and the hunger in others." - Oliva
  • "I was more aware of the need to listen more, than to be listened too. To sit still and let my presence be a companion (speak) to the others. To appreciate and be positive about my first impressions, about people I know and about those I don't. Every day it is always my desire to know a little more of God and his intentions for me. During this retreat I got clarified about ways to relate with God. The need to serve is very important because at the end I would be judged about my services and intended love for the poor, the homeless, prisoners, and those hungry and thirsty. I understand that it is not what I bring to them, get from them, that is important." - Helen
  • "The theme was the igniting spark to awaken/deepen the desire to serve God especially where the need is greater. I feel a call from God work in us and how we could let God work through us in that focus we just heard. Sharing was also helpful which brought in more insights." - Bea
  • "This weekend helped open my eyes and my heart to God's plan for my own life. It reaffirmed my faith and trust that God will fulfill my heart's every desire to seek His will in all things." - Christine
  • "This weekend rejuvenated my spirit, strengthened me for my path, and affirmed my conviction that with the Dominican Sisters of Peace I am at home as every encounter that I have with the Sisters. When I am here I am my best, most joyful self." - Maria
  • "I found it really good to retreat in Columbus; it was even a greater opportunity to fellowship with more Sisters." - LaKesha

Labor Day Weekend 2012 - "Forward With Joy"

  • "My time spent with the Sisters was not so much 'knowledge gathering' events as it was a way to see if the shape inside of me fit the shape of the Sisters' lives. I tried to feel if the time spent with the Sisters in their lifestyle and in their home felt like 'soft jeans and a warm sweatshirt' or if it felt like 'tight shoes and pantyhose.' For me it was a coming home. I felt so comfortable and welcomed, 'a fitting in,' that I hadn't experienced so deeply before in my life. It was a strong confirmation that I was on the right path." - Anne

  • "It really was quite amazing! Among the participants and the Sisters, I felt like a member of a family, and so quickly I did not expect it really. In only two days I got a sense of the charism of the Dominican Sisters of Peace, and information, and a feel for what it is like and who they are. It was a wonderful time for reflection and conversation and laughter. I really feel like I got a chance to focus some of my reflection on my personal vocation and get to know the sisters. It was wonderful." - Maria (also shown in video below)

  • "This was my first retreat with the Dominican Sisters of Peace, and what I am going to take back home with me is the joy of all the retreatants. They are just full of joy and happy, and it's wonderful to know that you're walking with other people, and if they don't become Sisters, they will still become your prayer partners for life." - LaKesha

Mission Immersion Week

Mission ImmersionDominican Sisters of Peace have a mission - to bring the liberating and saving Gospel of Jesus in service to others. If you feel called to serve, why not sign up for a Mission Immersion Experience, which usually runs five to seven days? Besides making a difference for others in need, you can meet some new people who share your values, have some fun, and catch the Spirit of the Dominican Sisters of Peace.

  • "Mission Week was an awesome, inspiring experience that gave me a chance to contemplate and realize the Divine Presence in my life and the world around me in new and different ways. It allowed time to think and meditate on my life, where I am, where I might want to be and in what direction I might go." - Darla
  •  "Priceless! It was an experience of doing everyday life with an everyday God! What the week really meant to me personally, was more of Jesus' expression to Simon at the Lake of Gennesaret 'Cast your net into the deep, and you will find.' Thanks to the discernment process with the Dominican Sisters of Peace I feel empowered to go into the deep." - Oliva

Mini Live-In Experience

Women who have begun the discernment process with the Dominican Sisters of Peace are often invited to take some time (a week or two) to actually live with the Sisters to experience the daily rhythm of our lives in community, our prayer and our ministries. Such experiences have proven invaluable to discerners because they offer a view of our life from the inside.

  • "These past two weeks have been a tremendous blessing for me and have been of incomparable importance to my discernment path. Having this opportunity to visit with the Sisters in various areas and to see the ministries that they are involved in has given me a much fuller picture of the richness and variety of Dominican life. Hearing their stories has been inspiring, and living and praying with them over these two weeks has provided a priceless taste of community life. Experiencing all this firsthand has impacted my discernment process more deeply and profoundly than merely hearing about such things ever could have. I am extremely grateful to have had this opportunity and will treasure the precious gift that this experience was for me." - Katie
  • "Fue una gran bendición tener la oportunidad de participar en la convivencias como parte de mi discernimiento con las Hermana Dominicas de la Paz. Como parte de mi discernimiento, he leído sobre los bellos ministerios llevados acabo por las hermanas y he tratado de obtener vasta información principalmente en esta orden. Fui bendecida al poder participar en varios retiros de discernimiento y espirituales, pero en mi experiencia, ni uno ha sido tan informativo y revolucionario como la experiencia de las convivencias. Esta experiencia me otorgo una oportunidad tangible de conocer las misiones y presenciar los ministerios de las Hermanas Dominicas de la Paz, ministerios que cambian las vidas de muchos y dan testimonio del amor de Dios. Cada una de las hermanas que conocí durante esta experiencia es valiente, poderosa y tiene mucho conocimiento. Dios les otorgo muchos talentos y ellas utilizan sus destrezas para hacer un mundo mejor. Al desempeñar su labor, las hermanas levanta el espíritu, dan herramientas para poder sobresalir y siguen el ejemplo de Cristo. Como católica, yo creo que tenemos una responsabilidad a nuestro prójimo. Yo creo que Dios nos ha dado muchos talentos y no se puede tener el amor de Dios sin abras. No me cabe duda que las Hermanas Dominicas de La Paz están plantando semillas de amor y cosechan frutos positivos. Esta experiencia solidifico mi deseo de ser participe de una orden  que tiene a Dios como su pilar y predica al seguir el ejemple de Cristo en sus ministerios." Ana

    English Translation:
    "I was extremely blessed in the opportunity to participate in a mini live-in experience with the Dominican Sisters of Peace. As a discerner with primary interest in the Dominican Sisters of Peace, I read about the great ministries lead by the sisters and tried to obtain as much information regarding of the Order. I was blessed to participate in various discernment and spiritual retreats, but none were as informative and revolutionary for my discernment as the mini live-in experience. This experience granted me a tangible opportunity to witness the different missions and personally encounter the life changing ministries led by the Dominican Sisters of Peace. Each of the Sisters that I met while staying with the sisters impressed me as brave, powerful and knowledgeable. God has granted them so many talents and they use their gifts to make their communities a better place. Through their work, the Sisters empower, lift up the spirit, give testimony of God's love and follow the example of Christ. As a Catholic, I believe that we are responsible for those around us. I believe that God has granted us talents and will hold us accountable for our actions and the fruits we have gathered with our talents. It is clear to me that the Dominican Sisters of Peace are planting seeds of love and that they harvest positive fruits with their work and gifts. The mini live-in experience solidified my desire to participate in an Order that has God as its foundation and that preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ." - Ana

Formation Process

Candidate Beata Tiboldi"Why am I discerning vowed religious life? Because I feel God's call and have a desire to serve others. I find I can do this best by living in a community of Sisters who pray together. That charges me up, and then I can share the fruits of that with others. As a single woman, before I moved into community, it was really challenging to grow in faith and in my relationship with God. Going to centering prayer sessions, Lectio Divina, or to a small faith groups, etc., took a lot of travelling time that I could have directed to ministering to others or praying more deeply. In formation to become a Dominican Sister of Peace I find a happy correlation between need, receiving and giving. - Beata

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