Missions Abroad

As followers of Jesus Christ, Dominican Sisters of Peace are called to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ throughout the world. In the past, they have carried out this mission through their service in China, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, and Korea. They continue to serve in Honduras, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, and Vietnam.

San Pedro Sula, Peru

Dominican Mission - Honduras

San Pedro Sula, Honduras 

Dominican community of Priests, Sisters and lay Fraternity members

Hope for the Village Child, Kaduna, Nigeria Dominican Sisters of St Catherine of Siena

Gusau, Nigeria
Dominican Sisters of Peace support this indigenous community of Dominican Women in West Africa who serve the poor, especially in remote villages of Nigeria and Ghana

Hope for the Village Child

Kaduna, Nigeria
A Non-Governmental Organization and a partner of Hope for the African Village Child (HAVC) with a vision of liberated rural communities whose leaders inspire them to cooperate with each other in meeting their basic needs through education, self-reliance and support from the government.

Chimbote, Peru Dominican Mission - Peru

Chimbote, Peru
Serving youth, adults, and families

Preach Peace... Build Peace... Be Peace.