Sr. Maureen Carney, OPThe word "ministry" is broad and can encompass many expressions. In reality, all Christians are called to minister to others or are "sent on mission" by virtue of their baptism. The Gospel compels the faithful to serve the needs of humanity, to act with compassion, and to advocate for justice. Dominicans, however, regard all they do as ministry, as a way of preaching the Gospel in word and deed. Being sent on mission - whether in one's own neighborhood or halfway across the world - means being sent to proclaim the Gospel and to share God's love and mercy with all, regardless of the specific tasks at hand.

Dominicans see themselves missioned to preach God's Word, but also in search of God's Word, believing that it will be found among those to whom they are sent. They see ministry in any capacity as an opportunity to change the hearts and circumstances of those they serve, but also to be changed by the very same persons. To the open heart, ministry provides an avenue for God's love and wisdom to mutually widen perspectives and broaden understanding. Ministry, then, is important not only for the work accomplished and Word preached, but also in the search for truth.

Ministry is one of many values Dominicans hold dear:

Preach Peace... Build Peace... Be Peace.