FAQ: Becoming a Sister

Here are some commonly asked questions women ask when thinking about joining us as a Sister. Feel free to browse these questions, and contact us if you have some further questions.



Yes, to be a professed Sister, you will need to be Catholic, but if you are in the inquiry process (RCIA), you could begin the initial conversations regarding membership.

Yes, we accept applicants between 20 and 45 years of age.

As Dominicans, study is an essential aspect of our charism, and you will need to have professional training for your ministry. At entrance, the requirement would be a minimum of two years of college/university education or equivalent life experience. One also needs the intellectual capacity and desire to continue post-secondary formal education.

The Order founded by St. Dominic was established in the 13th century as the Ordo Praedicatores, or Order of Preachers. Today it is commonly known as the Dominican Order.

Yes, we have women in our congregation who were formerly married. You would need to produce the necessary documents establishing that you are canonically free to enter religious life: death certificate of spouse, or civil divorce decree, and decree of nullity.

Yes, both missions and missionaries! We have Sisters serving in Peru, Honduras, Mexico, Nigeria, Kenya, and Vietnam, as well as collaborative relationships with Dominican communities in Nigeria and Zambia.

Yes, itinerancy is part of our charism as Dominicans. We are frequently called to minister in different locations, as needs arise. We presently have Sisters serving in 57 Catholic Dioceses. During the first year as a novice, you would attend a Collaborative Dominican Novitiate which is currently located in St. Louis. (See our "Ministries" tab for more information on specific locations and areas of ministry.)

Our constitutions describe our attire as being "simple and expressive of our vowed life." Some of our Sisters wear the traditional white habit with black veil while most wear contemporary dress.

The undergraduate and/or graduate degree of each applicant is/are a gift brought to the congregation for the service of the Church. It is advisable for applicants to retire or significantly drawn down their student loans prior to entrance into Candidacy. However, educational debts from student loans are considered on a case by case basis. We encourage women not to let educational debt prevent them beginning the discernment process. We invite questions about educational debt and are happy to discuss these. Debts other than student loans must be satisfied prior to entrance.

As members of the Dominican Sisters of Peace, we have the opportunity each year to budget for our needs, both personal and professional. These matters are covered in the annual budget, which must be approved by congregational Leadership. The vow of poverty that we take as professed Sisters determines that everything we have is held in common. We are committed to simplicity of life, and share with one another the basic necessities of our common life. Women in formation to become Dominican Sisters of Peace are asked also to live simply even as they remain financially independent until they profess vows.

If you have further questions about the Dominican Sisters of Peace or the process of becoming a Dominican Sister of Peace, we invite you to fill out and submit the Information Request Form or to contact one of our Vocation Ministers.

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