FAQ: Becoming an Associate

Here are some common questions men and women ask when thinking about joining us as an Associate. Please feel free to contact us at anytime with additional questions.

Questions about becoming committed to the congregation as an associate.

For more information about becoming a Dominican Associate, please contact Conni Dubick, OPA, in the Office of Assocaites, at cdubick@oppeace.org or 330.835.5690, ext 418.

At this time, new candidates who complete the formation process make a two-year initial commitment. After that time, individuals may choose to renew her/his commitments for four years at a time.

The Dominican Sisters of Peace have a formal year-long formation program where candidates learn about the congregation, the Associate program, and the Dominican charism. Woven throughout the process is the integral element of discernment, where an individual candidate discerns individually and within the context of community whether he or she is truly called to be a Dominican Associate with the Dominican Sisters of Peace at this time. All candidates have a companion, who is a Sister or Associate of the Dominican Sisters of Peace, to journey with them in the formation and discernment process. After the formation year, individuals who do feel called have the opportunity to make a commitment and become an Associate of the Dominican Sisters of Peace.

Any Christian individual who is interested in and feels drawn to the Dominican charism can explore becoming an Associate of the Dominican Sisters of Peace. Our Associates are women and men; married, single, divorced, and widowed; clergy members and lay persons from all different geographic areas and walks of life. We have Associates who are attorneys, homemakers, teachers, business-owners, factory workers, parents, retirees - the diversity of backgrounds enhances the richness of the Associate program.

A Dominican Associate is an indivudal who is first drawn to and then called to live out the charism and continue the mission of the Dominican Order - to praise, to bless, to preach. Associates do not take vows, but rather make a commitment to be partners with vowed members, and to share the mission and charism of the Dominican Family in their own lives, families, churches, neighborhoods, workplaces, and cities.

No, you do not have to be Catholic, but you must believe in the Gospel of Jesus and the mission of the Dominican Sisters of Peace.

Preach Peace... Build Peace... Be Peace.